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PAYMENT OPTION 1- Mail a check for the appropriate amount, made out to Omaha Lightning Basketball, to:

Omaha Lightning Basketball

10284 Fowler Avenue

Omaha, Nebraska


PAYMENT OPTION 2- Use the Venmo or PayPal app on your mobile device or tablet to pay the appropriate amount. Note: it is helpful if you add your player(s) name(s) before submitting payment! Search for the names below on Venmo/PayPal to pay in this way:

VENMO =  @OmahaLightning-Basketball

PAYPAL = @lightningBB

PAYMENT OPTION 3- Use a credit card to pay the appropriate amount. To prevent us from having to pass on the cost we would incur to process credit card payments on this website, we ask that you CLICK HERE to contact our treasurer to arrange credit card payment. 

Having Problems With or Have Questions about Payments?

Having trouble getting your payment to work using Paypal or Venmo? (Let's face it- this happens sometimes, you know?) DON'T WORRY- Feel free to contact us any time if you are having problems with the electronic payment options. We will help you get this completed if you reach out to us! CLICK HERE to contact us with your payment questions. 

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