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Omaha Lightning
Summer Family Fun Events

Many of the players and families that participated in our program during the 22-23 basketball season commented they would like more opportunities to get together and socialize OUTSIDE OF BASKETBALL practices and games.... The Lightning Board thinks this is a great idea and has made plans to offer one Lightning Summer Family Fun Event per month in June, July and August!  

June Lightning Summer Family Fun Event

Come join us for a fun afternoon/evening at the park! Bring your own food/picnic as well as any outdoor games you would like and enjoy hanging out with other Lightning families. Feel free to bring your entire family to this fun event. More details are below:

WHAT: Lightning Summer Family Fun Event for June- FUN AT THE PARK!    

WHEN: Friday, June 9th, 2023, starting at 3:00 pm (stay as long as you would like).

WHERE: Grove Park at 188th and Pacific Streets.

DETAILS: There is NO COST to attend... all Lightning basketball players of any age are invited to come hang out with their families. This is a public park that has a nice basketball court, pickleball/tennis courts, a trail, traditional playground equipment and best of all- a splashpark! We envision this being a great time for kids to hang out and play in the park while adults get to visit with each other outside of normal basketball games and practices. 

MORE INFORMATION: Email us at if you have any questions about our June Family Fun Event or need any clarification. 



These family fun events are just that- a chance to have FUN outside of normal basketball activities. They are designed for ENTIRE FAMILIES to participate (not just registered basketball players), and they will have nothing to do with basketball. Please check this webpage again- we will post more information about our Summer Family Fun Event for July and August here when the details are finalized!


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