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The Lightning Philosophy

For over two decades, Omaha Lightning Basketball has served to create an opportunity for home school athletes from all over the Omaha metro and surrounding areas to experience the challenge, enjoyment and personal development opportunities that competitive basketball can offer. Most importantly though, our goal is to provide these experiences in a Christian environment where young boys have the opportunity to grow into Godly Christian men. To that end, Omaha Lightning Basketball is devoted to THREE GUIDING PRINCIPLES...


Above all else, we strive to use the experiences players encounter while practicing and playing the sport of basketball to teach our players Christ like character. We believe the situations players experience on the court emulate experiences they will face as they enter their adult lives. We seek to use these experiences as teaching tools to help players learn to respond in a way that glorifies Christ. 


Secondly, as players condition, practice, compete, win and lose together, we work to create a strong sense of community. Our goal is for players to build meaningful, positive relationships that will carry them through the challenges that occur during adolescent and teenage years. Through trial and victory, players learn and experience what it means to be a family and their responsibilities to that family. 


Lastly, we strive to provide a setting where home school students can achieve their full athletic potential. No matter the players skill level or previous basketball experiences, we set high expectation to continually improve. Through conditioning, practicing and game experiences, skilled coaches and the entire Omaha Lightning family encourage and help each player improve toward being the best athlete they can be. 

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